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Rayburns and Range Cookers

We are experienced range cooker engineers and deal with all different types and manufacturers of range cookers. We offer a fully guaranteed service using only genuine parts, guaranteed by the manufacturer.

To ensure that your range cooker operates safely and efficiently is must be serviced and maintained.

The time intervals between servicing depend on your fuel type and these are as follows:

Range Cooker Fuel Type Recommended Service Intervals
Gas-fired range cookers Annual service
Oil-fired range cookers 6 months to 1 year service
Solid fuel range cookers Flues to be cleaned regularly 6 month sweeping of the flue way

We also offer the following services for Rayburns and other types of Range cookers:

  • Installing and removing range cookers
  • Servicing and repairing range cookers
  • Attach any heating or hot water fittings and supplies
  • Install range cookers into flexible flue liners or into a twin wall flue system
rayburns and range cookers rayburns and range cookers rayburns and range cookers rayburns and range cookers
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